The Nethergarde Brotherhood

When a challenge is reveiled, take it one step at a time, or just make it all one step.

Ranks and Games


1. Netherwhelp- You're a recruit. You have either just joined the guild, been absent too long, or someone made a mistake.

2. Lonely Corner- Only the second rank because otherwise I'd have to completely redo each and every rank, plus then recruits would start as this rank. If you are in this rank, you have really pissed someone high up off. You will now have a day to a week in here before being reinstated to your old rank or possibly slightly lower.

3. Citizen- You still aren't of officer standing or respect but everyone has to start somewhere. :) You now have shown some progress and have been in the guild for a little while (~3-15 days).

4. Guard-Trainee- Congratulations, you are now technically an officer. This is the lowest rank of officer, so some priviledges are not revealed to you, but many are. You must attend officer meetings like higher ranking officers must, and until you prove yourself to be ready for the big show, you will stay here for a while. But getting to- this rank at all shows potential.

5. Guard Captain- Only few guild members get this far. The Guard Captain rank shows much respect, responsibility, generosity, politeness, tactics and participation. The Guard Captain may subtract items from the guild bank (limited/day), but don't get on my bad side with it. These members have stayed a enough time for me to notice changes and such (~4-45 days).

6. The Nethergarde- Congratulations, only a select few have even made it this far. These are the pupils and the apprentices of the guild. This is where you step into the High-Officer ranking and respect. Chances are you may have a job in the guild at this point. These members have a giant advantage and are allowed many priveleges and the Netherwings and the Netherlord will usually personally help you with your problems and needs when you need them. These members have varied times as to when they obtain this rank. Also, unless you have been in this guild for an immense amount of time, a test is given to you to show many things. This would be called the CPP (Comprised Promotion Program).

7. Netherbrother- You have assumed a leadership role. This requires some responsibilty, much participation, and usually level 80. Only one or two will usually ever make it this far (out of 1,000) and it does take some determination and many very good qualities. You will be honored by all including the Netherlord and Netherwings at this stage in ranks.

All other ranks are unattainable by anyone not personal to the Netherlord. In this case, they will not be listed.

Website sign-up is required for promotion. I do not require a truthful age or sex or location, but for the sign up to work, e-mail is necessary to be correct. Any exceptions must be cleared with me.

Demotions will be given due to bad behavior (insulting with harm intended), foolishness in a serious situation, repetitive annoyance of others, and BAD spam (doesn't make me laugh). Expulsions will be given due to an ongoing fight between to guild members, ninjaing, unpolite topics, racial and prejudice slurs, and stealing from the guild vault.

Game Rules:

1. Find the Deadshoot: Everyone gathers in one spot selected by the Riddler. The Riddler runs and finds a good hiding spot where clues can be formed. When the first clue is given, the Seekers scatter and try to find the Riddler using the clues that are progressively given for the region selected by the Riddler. Once the Riddler is found, the finder is awarded a point and the round starts over. Once the game is ended, which can last till however long, those with points get prizes. Those with higher amount of points get more prizes. There may not be groups or tracking (tracking doesn't even work anyway because the Riddler is stealthing). These would be grounds for disqualification. As is shouting the answer.

2. Event Suggestion Contest: This event lasts one week and is held once every month. To participate, you must MAIL (not message) the host. If the idea was valid, new, and creative, than you win a prize based on the quality of the event idea you mailed. If the idea was already taken by another participant in that week, than a compensation prize is won. You may also be allowed to post it in the forum once the topic is released.

3. Party!!!: Our parties usually consist of free fireworks, alcohol, possible contests and/or games, prizes, duels, tournaments, other PvP, dungeons, and pretty much fooling around. You may bring gifts, costumes, partyware, or anything you may think we would find interesting that could spike interest in the party.

Additional game/contest rules will be displayed when we get to them or the events are suggested to us.

Website Rules

  1. Don't spam.
  2. Be respectful to other players.
  3. Participate and have fun.
  4. "Stay awhile, and listen."-Deckard Cain

Guild Rules

  1. No stealing or begging!
  2. No spam.
  3. Don't ask for help a ridiculous amount of times in chat.
  4. Settle down and curse VERY sparingly.
  5. Quit the drama. A video game is to get away from reality.
  6. If you cannot remove an item from the bank, ask someone of a high enough rank to remove it for you.
  7. Mind your manners, know your place, and respect others.
  8. NO SHOWING RECOUNT! This counts as serious spam, and if someone asks for it, whisper them the info.

Raiding Rules an Guidelines:

  1. We will hopefully be adding a raiding-sign-up schedule to the site soon.
  2. Stay behind the damned tank.
  3. Think for yourself and when told to follow someone, don't accidentally follow them to your doom, people make mistakes.
  4. Find out how well you are doing and what and how to gear. Check  for benchmarks to tell your general ability to raid. Check the armory or for gear to aim for. Remember to start small (heroics, quests, regular high level dungeons) to prepare for big (raids). Addons from may help.
  5. TRY TO ARRIVE ON TIME. If you are late, and your spot is filled, that is your own fault.
  6. YOU MUST HAVE VENTRILLO. Easy, quick, free download from   It is a speaking system much less lagy than Blizzard's original voice system. Whether you can speak or not, I don't care. Vent info is announced at the raid.
  7. Only talk in raid chat if you need to. Otherwise say such messages in whisper or guild chat.
  8. DPS in a heroic should be over 1200. Defense rating of a non-druid tank must be 540 and dodge/block/parry rating should be high, as well as stamina. Healer spell power should be at least 1300 for healing, and mana over 16k. Recount addon can help dps check yourself, along with the training dummies in major alliance capitals.