The Nethergarde Brotherhood

When a challenge is reveiled, take it one step at a time, or just make it all one step.

Guild Info

No matter what fancy you may have on how to play World of Warcraft, we can help you achieve your goals. We raid, have events and parties, have 4 guild bank tabs, a cool looking tabard, awsome leadership that will help whenever they can, and great players in a well-built community. I'm not saying there is no room to grow of course. I you are that type of gamer that wants to share his ideas with people and try to build a better place then you are welcome to help us out to. We offer much opportunity to rank up in the guild, much flexibility around the individual player, and will try to solve any problem and tackle any challenge thaneeds to be taken care of. We allow all players level 10 or up (if to minimize a giant horde of level one naked gnomes from invading) and are excited to see our guild grow and improve.

  •  Vent info:
  • Hostname:
  • Port: 3814