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OHP works somewhat like DKP, but instead of for raids, this is for the guild as a whole. A person is awarded OHP for doing a certain task. OHP can be used to buy an item that quality rare or higher, or judgementally rare as an item, or can be used to fill the OHP requirement of a promotion. It can also be used to ask a favor of an officer. OHP would be added onto a players existing OHP in their Public note (if none, add that number in). OHP is rewarded differently between officers (Guard Captain and The Nethergarde) and Guild Masters (Netherbro/Netherdiety, Netherwing, and Netherlord). When OHP is rewarded, the officer must add it into the target's existance OHP in their public note, and then absolutely must report to me in a very small summary that they did what (big, small, or puny favor) for how many points. Guildmasters do not require and will not acquire OHP, but officers do and will. Only members ranking higher than you may grant you OHP. The folowing are examples and values for OHP favors: Underlined: person recieving the OHP

Officers: small favor = 5pts. (Someone picks you up something from the auction house or town, etc.)

big favor = 15pts. (Someone runs someone for you, someone takes over a shift of an event you hosted, etc.)

Guildmaster: puny favor = 10pts. (Someone picks you up something from the auction house or town, etc.)

small favor = 30 pts. (Someone runs someone for you, etc.)

big favor = 50pts. (Someone takes over a raid or large event for you that might require time and skill)

Other: weekly event = 30pts. per session (PvP day, dungeons runs, raids, etc.)

deposit to GBank = 1pt. per 5g; limit of 20pts. per week

raid participation = 15pts.

event participation = 5pts.

Level 80 ding = 50pts.

Using your OHP to obtain a promotion is completely optional, and is mandatory for you to apply to Deadshoot for the promotion, and you must be signed up to one of the websites as well.The OHP requirements for promotions are as follows:

1st: 60pts. OR after 2 weeks from sign-up, put on trial

2nd: 270pts.

3rd: 600pts. and minor CPP

4th: 2600pts. and CPP

5th: 4150pts. and CPP

Peggle battles amongst recently online guildmembers will be held every two days, and prizes are as follows:

1st prize: 30pts.

2nd prize: 20pts.

3rd prize: 10pts.

Beat a GM: 15pts (up to 45 pts. per acceptance) (out of contest)


Peggle battles will be offline until they actually work and/or we have figured how to hold them successfully.


Other big miscellaneous favors include:

Forming an alliance with another guild with Aqua: 100pts.

Submitting a comic or work of art to the website (PG-rated): 20pts.

Having a new guild idea approved by an event manager: 70pts.

Being online once in past week (check is mondays): 5pts.

Recruit below lvl 80: 5pts.

Lvl 80 Recruit: 10pts.

50pts. per 1000 achievement points (you see US about this reward)


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Bàrter would like a promotion if the points are there... he's a citizen with 155 OHP.


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