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Though I doubt anyone still looks at this site, I finally found time (summer) to post this farewell. I did not cause this downfall of our great brotherhood, nor did anyone in the brotherhood. It was a hacker, who tore open my prize possession of the brotherhood, killed off my characters, and disbanded it. There was nothing anyone could have done, and I am sure, especially after five months or so, most have forgotten about the brotherhood. Honestly, I don't blame you. But many were confused, angry, sad, and whatnot. I must say that over the nearly four years of continuous uninterrupted leadership of the guild, I have never met so many unique people. Yes, okay, my methods for recruiting you all was a bit, well, unorthodox.... but it was well worth it most would say, because they had a great time here, and I feel that I succeeded in helping one of the largest amount of people into playing what they love to play. If a previous TNGB member should remember anything, it was what we accomplished, and I appreciate those who stood forward to assist me. Thank you bros, and I will never forget the awsome times we had.

P.S.: Twice hacked, almost a third, and I haven't even been online since before the first hacking.....



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