The Nethergarde Brotherhood

When a challenge is reveiled, take it one step at a time, or just make it all one step.


Welcome to the Nethergarde Bros Website! Just found this off of a tip from a friend, and gratz! A new home for all our needs! We are a guild that does EVERYTHING besides raiding and twinking. We will retry raiding in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion once enough level eighties are present, but for now raiding is unavailable. We hold all players level ten or higher and help them out with quests, dungeons, or whatever they might need. ATTENTION ALL NEWCOMERS TO GUILD WEBSITE: GO STRAIGHT TO THE FORUMS FOR THE "DIRECTIONS FOR SIGN UP FORUM", THEN TO THE "MANDITORY NEW JOINING SIGN UP"!


Tuesday(ish), June 30th, 12:32 AM:

Been a while since I used this box huh..... We are peaking up over 425 members! WOW right? But of course, we will always have room for more. ;) We shall be nestling our selves into the depths of the prison-dungeon of Ulduar soon. We shall be strengthening our relationships with our alliances for a while, for we have lost contact with them. We will also be strengthening our relationship between ourselves for when making relationships, much can be learned, much can be won, and much can be gained. Our guild bank has had its tabs MAXIMIZED to a whopping SIX tabs. Thank you to all that donated. Want promotions? Want to make a bigger difference within the guild? Want to do me a favor? The new promotional system referred to as the "Officer Help Points" or "OHP" makes this a simple, quick, and easy feat and journey. Maybe not so much for me, but heck, thats just one more fly on the wall for me. ;) (God this wall is starting to smell with all these dead flies....) There are many many MANY ways to earn your OHP, and I am always taking more ideas for ways to get it. The methods for earning the OHP is listed in the Guild Leaders' page, but almost anything helpful from one guildy to another can be awarded in some amount of OHP. Nethergarde Brotherhood, rise up and shine, for we need more officers! Always ask around if help is needed, and do not forget to ask if you want help as well, giving others a chance to help as well. ;) Do not forget, the guild Rumage Sale is still going on, so send some junk you cannot use and do not wish to sell to Lagdalynn, the guild bank and auctioneer. LIVE WELL BROS! ~Dead

Friday, December 19th, 6:21 PM:

The forums are back online with some additions! Show your Guild Spirit and talk to your leaders now in the forums! Hope to be talkin' to you all, and get all of your friends to join up (i don't even care if they play WoW!!!) and our guildies to sign up! WE ARE EXPANDING!!! 300 guildies last time i checked (5 minutes ago) and growing! We will be starting our raiding section once again soon, expecting next week. We will start with the Arachnid Quarter and if you need strategies they can be mailed in-game or made as a strategy. Good luck all! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!! 

Thursday, November 20th, 10:06 PM:

Alright. I will be reorganizing the forums so that it resembles what it was before i switched to the new application. I will now be accepting pictures, screenshots, and videos for our picture and video collections, and also signed screenshots for the SSSotW Contest. Just E-mail with your character and subject of the item you're presenting to me in the title of the e-mail and send it to! The Suggestion/Feedback Event is in effect from the 17th to the 24th! Please, it is the easiest way for you to get cool prizes for free, just by saying "Oh so and so was a good idea, but if you could so and so by so and soing that would be great," (fill in the so and so's with actual ideas) and such, you can easily earn a prize! This also helps the guild introduce or say goodbye to new/old content. We need your support people! NEW DOWNLOADS PAGE RELEASED!!! We will be announcing all new releases in the forums once we reorganize them (once again, SRY). We already have one fantastic piece of work that Ranen and Ronge Productions created (me and dvn)! Storm in and tell us about our new game!!! ~Dead


Wednesday, October 29th, 10:00 PM:


Most of our news will be held in the forums. The news to be held here is news directing you on where to find a spot commonly missed. In other news, we are looking for more leaders. For more info on this topic check the Urgent Forums (new). We may be adding the content of a high level instance night at 9:00 PM server time every wednesday held by our very own Aqualillian and others will/may attend. This IS NOT OFFICIAL AT THIS TIME, but is very likely. ~Dead

Monday, September 15th, 10:04 PM:

 The website is now up! We will be holding news, contest, and other events here so keep your eye out for something that may get you a leg up on the other guild members.   We have a photo gallery which we will put all of our well taken screenshots in and display (send to, which doing so may lead to future Screenshot Contests! We have a rules page, members page, a guestbook page, and soon to be forums once website is fully operational. If you are interested in joining the guild and/or website, there is also a register page. Good luck and I hope for the best!  ~Dead

Signed Screenshot of the Week

Got any screenshots you find amazing? Sign 'em and send 'em to with In-Game character name and Account name, and we'll see if it is good enough to be the star of our homepage! You may even win big In-Game prizes!